Project Brief

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Client: Toyota
Project: Floor Mat Tags
Type: Print

A simple and effective solution for Toyota and its owners for proper usage of a driver-side floor mat.

Client: Doosan
Project: Technicians App
Type: Training

Bobcat offers a wide range of farm and construction equipment. ITP brings the brains to meet the brawn: the Bobcat technicians app.

Client: Bourns
Project: Website Translation
Type: Localization

Bourns was looking for a professional and fast solution to translate their own site from English into German. After the successful launch of their German site, Bourns maintains ITP as a business partner to update the website for over four years.

Client: Hyundai
Project: Hyundai Quick Tips
Type: Print

Vehicle owner’s manuals are cumbersome and difficult to follow. ITP solved this problem by introducing Quick Tip Booklets to Hyundai, a new way to communicate key product features to new vehicle owners.

Client: Toyota
Project: 17CY Camry Training
Type: Training

Professional, low-cost video production of in-depth explanation and visuals showing new car features in the 2018 Toyota Camry hosted on a password secure site that can be viewed at the user’s convenience.

Client: Toshiba
Project: Spanish Translation
Type: Localization

In order to cover as many regions as possible, they accepted ITP’s recommendation to translate into more standardized Spanish. The site is technical, yet has a lot of marketing elements included. However, ITP was able to meet their requirement to maintain both aspects successfully.

Client: Elephant
Project: Tradeshow
Type: Marketing

ITP’s goal was to drive as much foot traffic as possible to each client’s booth, engage the show-goers with knowledgeable staff members and product information. The success was overwhelming with thousands in attendance.

Client: Denso
Project: Packaging
Type: Localization

Not only ITP created a more consumer friendly contents but also standardized the language for the Latin American and Canadian French markets.

Client: Toyota
Project: Fast Moving Parts
Type: Print

The Fast Moving Parts Catalogue has been a project for the past 20 years for Toyota Motor Sales. As advancements in technology have taken place ITP as kept this project relevant for the changing times.